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About PET

About PET

PET is polyethylene terephthalates which is one of the thermoplastic materials. Different than other materials, PET is eco-friendly product.
Even though the product is very clear and high glossy product, PET products are strong in different temperatures and scratches.

Rose Rosa took the usage of PET in our daily life style to interior finishing material for various patterns and looks.

Type of PET (A-PET / G-PET)


A-PET is used in overlays and wrapping purposes.
Solid colors and ALL A-PET products are available and also PVC+PET sheets are available as customers’ request.
The strength of PVC+PET products are high gloss and with UV coating on the top layer gives better scratch proof surface.


G-PET is tough enough to thermoform.
Also at low temperature PET sheet is available for membrane and it can also put on top of PVC giving variety patterns and emboss effect.