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R 08

Size : 95mm(W) X 800mm(L) X 7.5mm(T)
Area Per BOX 3.192m²
Packing Unit : 42 plates / BOX
Cross-section view of ROSE ROSA's Engineered Wood

Properties of ROSE ROSA's Engineered Wood products

Notification for Use
When moving heavy furnitures, use carpet or blanket underneath to protect the damage that might occur on the surface of the product.
Better to put protecting pad under couch, table, chair legs.
Put mat in the doors to have dust and sand coming inside.
If water or oil is spilled, clean with dry towel right away. It might cause transformation or discoloration.
Do not recommend to us steam vacuum machine to clean, it might cause change in color due to moisture.
If the weather is too humid in the new building, heating and ventilate the place for 3~4days to dry out the moisture. Cool the heat for over 24hours and install.
If the temperature of the floor is over 30°C, the heat might create cracks in between the products.
Avoid water from the product or put cloth mat over the product where water is frequently in use.
If the mat is not ventilated product, it might create moisture which could result change in color or crack in between the product.
If the sunlight is on the product directly, it might cause change in color so put curtain or blind to protect sunlight.
fan heater, heater, iron should not face directly at the product.
wax or coating product in use, please receive advise from the expert.
Quality Certificate