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RW 05

Standard Size: 200㎜×1000㎜
Thickness: 3.0㎜ / 2.0㎜
Packing Unit: 16plates (3.2㎡)
Rose Rosa’s Deco Tile is made with the request of our customers and meets their needs. Also having QC(quality control) team experiments the new product testing it under -25°C~80°C causing no problems.
Before Installation
For installing the products in new buildings, make sure heat the floor for 7~14 days. If heating is not possible, make sure there are no moisture on the floor.

If the floor is Ondol (Korean floor heating system), turn off the heat 3 hours before installation.

Make sure the moisture level is below the standard, the other method is to put plastic sheet over the floor to install for 24hours and see if water drops are present.

For edges of the floor, dust and sand can reduce the adhesion of the product so please remove everything.
Using glue
Ventilate well enough for an operator’s health and fire.
Please use specific glue for our product.

Type Packing Unit Applying
Oil-based glue
New building, epoxy floor, sauna flooring including any heating system is occurring
regularly cleaning with water
region with cold weather, place with moisture(5~8%)
Water-base glue
Anywhere oil-based glue not needed

Due to spread volume of glue links with adhesion strength, put 1.0~1.5kg per 3.2.
After full installation, press the edges of the floor and use roller weight 50kg to roll the whole area for better adhesion
After installation
For surface protection, put a mat.
After installing for 24hours, walking on the product is okay. However it takes 72 hours for glue to stick perfectly so we don’t recommend moving furnitures or heating the area.
Ventilate the area enough for glue and product smell.
If the surface gets dirty use alcohol to clean. Do not use acetone or thinner.
When cleaning with wet towel, water might enter the connections of the product which can cause the deco tile to be lifted.
Make sure the floor is clean and leveled.
If there is cracks on the floor, repair it before installation.
For perfect installation, remove dust, oil, and other substances on the floor.
If the floor is made out of wood, check all the wood plates are tightly held with another.
Replace our products to where it will be installed for 1 day to be in the same temperature.
Use our product on floor only.
Due to moisture, concrete floor needs to be above 15°C and heat up the place to become dry condition.
If It is below 15°C, adhesion might be weak.
How to Install
Mark the middle of the floor, place the product on the floor and estimate the outcome.
Cut equally for the product that is going to be installed on edges.
Start installing in the middle, shaping pyramid.
For DIY product, peel out the sticker in the back to install.
If it is possible, install product under wall molding on corners.